Ella Camp Visits eMed

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Ella Camp Visits eMed

Twenty young women from around the world visited eMed for a day of learning and inspiration from our female leaders.


On July 29th, twenty young women from the Casimiro Global Foundation’s ELLA Camp visited eMed for a day of learning and inspiration. Miami-based Casimiro Global Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to empower future leaders to create positive change in their communities and the worldThe organization hosts the camp in partnership with the University of Miami. The ELLA (Entrepreneurial Ladies Leading with Action) Camp includes participants from six countries, including Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Argentina.


To set the tone for the morning event, the girls took a tour of the eMed office, followed by a meet and greet with eMed’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Patrice Harris. 


In the session, Dr. Harris allowed the young ladies to introduce themselves and share their ideas to make a global impact. After hearing the inspiring narratives, Dr. Harris shared her own journey and the lessons she learned along the way. She advised the ELLA ladies to find their “why” and warned them that their “why” will and should change over time. 


“Give yourself the grace and the space to evolve. It’s okay to fail. What’s important is to learn from that failure,” Dr. Harris advised.


After learning from Dr. Harris, the girls sat in on a panel discussion led by four eMed female leaders: Marketing Director Carolina Arguelles, Human Resources Manager Nurdes Gomez, Vice President of Growth in North America Joanne Hewat, Chief Technology Officer Samantha Rassner. The panel shared insight on leadership, success, and working in male-dominated industries.


Attendees wrapped the day with lunch and added their signatures to the infamous eMed chalk wall. 


The event left the future leaders educated and informed by eMed’s phenomenal female trailblazers!

To volunteer, give, or learn more about Casimiro Global Foundation, visit online at https://casimiroglobalfoundation.org/.

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