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Easy access to testing means easy access to the world. Test at any time, anywhere because your next adventure is always just 15 minutes away with eMed.

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Frequently asked questions

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eMed is online 24/7 to support your at-home testing and telehealth needs. Our certified Telehealth Proctors are trained to serve you at any time.

eMed Telehealth Kits™ meet virtually guided self-test conditions and are accepted by most international airlines and cruise lines. Your certified lab report may be used to enter international destinations that accept validated antigen test results.

Please confirm your international destination’s specific testing requirements before testing and attempting travel.

We recommend traveling with two tests per traveler. Visit our Order section to purchase yours today.

You may begin a testing session with any Telehealth Kit™ sold or distributed by eMed. Simply scan the QR code on your kit's exterior, and you'll quickly connect to a Telehealth Proctor ready to guide you through your Telehealth Visit.

Yes. However, please be aware that each person who tests with eMed must create an eMed account.